I.      Announcements

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II.     Syllabus

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III.    Study Guides

Midterm Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide

IV.    In-Class Essay Instructions

Fall In-Class Essay Instructions 

V.     Discussion Assignment Instructions

Discussion Instructions

VI.    Final Research Paper Instructions

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VII.    Power Points 

Jefferson–A Man of Contradictions

Diplomacy, Exploration, and War in the Early 1800s

The Market Revolution, Women, & Work 

Indian Removal Policy

Jacksonian America

Southern Society & Slavery

Antebellum City Life

Sex and Gender in Antebellum America

Religious & Reform Movements

The Gold Rush

Overland Trail

Mexican American War

Building Up to the Civil War

Civil War & End of the Civil War

Lincoln, Man v. Image

Reconstruction, 1865-1877

Reservations, Boarding Schools, Railroads & Environmental Damage

The Progressive Era