I.         Announcements

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II.       Syllabus

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III.     Study Guides

Midterm Study Guide

Final Study Guide

IV.      In-Class Essay Instructions, Aluisio Azevedo’s The Slum

Aluisio Azevedo, The Slum, Essay Instructions

V. “Latin America in the News” Report

“Latin America in the News” Instructions

VI.       Discussion Assignment

Discussion Instructions

VII.      Final Research Paper 

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VIII.      Class Readings

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IX.     Power Points

Introduction to Latin America


The Maya

The Andeans & Inca

The Aztec

Aztec & Inca Women

Human Sacrifice

Spain 1492

Columbus & the Caribbean

Cortes & the Conquest of Mexico

Fall of Peru & Brazil

Building the Colonies

The Spiritual Conquest

Race, Castas, & Honor in Colonial Society

Indian Labor, Mining & Potosi

Bourbon Reforms and Road to Independence